July 18, 2024

Absolute Nonsense on the Internet, and what to do?

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Andromeda News

Why is there nonsense on the Internet

One short answer about nonsense – it is popular, but why?

Absolute nonsense on the internet: The power of money and greed

“People investing in nothing”

Most publishers just want to make money, and they don’t care about the consequences their content will lead to. So it’s just a set of “SEO texts” made by “SEO managers”. Those people haven’t done anything in their life. Except for copypasting and changing the texts so that the google crawlers scan their post and make them to the top. People for them are food that brings money.

Absolute Nonsense on the Internet. People investing in nothing
People investing in nothing

The power of popularity and search engine algorithms

As you can see masses are interested in entertainment, social media, and 7 out of 13 MOST POPULAR websites are the gross ones. This is absolute nonsense! And this is taking into account the fact that there are anonymous search engines, weird forums and platforms that contain NSFW content, models of a strange kind on Instagram, and videos on YouTube of dubious content.

Interests of the masses

Content is selected in such a way that it is interesting for the masses of people. If you open similarweb (it is a service that shows you the most popular websites and all the data about them) you can see this picture:

Why is there nonsense on the Internet
Why is there nonsense on the Internet

What can we say about it? No wonder why internet algorithms show us weird things we didn’t even search for, just because it’s prevalent, or popular in the area. Even though Google filters out bad and adult content, most people determine what is going to be popular, and we must live in this world.

What to do about it?

Begin with yourself

Don’t click on any crappy websites, block them, and never go back. But Google doesn’t have such a feature, and poor content keeps showing up.

Stop searching for gross content

Why doesn’t Google have a site-blocking feature?

Nobody wants to do something useful, like billions of websites copying content from each other and optimizing for search engines using so-called “SEO managers” to edit “SEO texts”. And at the end, we have a bunch of worthless recipes that the authors of the articles have never even cooked, the corrected texts are sharpened only so that Google crawlers make the site to the top and give them money on advertising.

- Is it just littering of texts with key phrases that do not carry any semantic load?
- Yes, it is.

I continue to see garbage news about bloated crypto bubbles that are not backed by anything and about worthless “actresses” like Eimbroid Hurt, although every time I block such news and ask Google not to show them to me again. THEY SHOW AGAIN AND AGAIN.

“Even though there’s special plugins for browsers that can blacklist websites, Google don’t want you to block websites as there’s no easy feature that allows you to block any websites you want, on any device you have.”

It’s possible to change your search engine by creating your own which is not comfortable to use. You can read about it on the link below:

The explanation of how to exclude any website from your search engine:

Write in the comments if there is any way to block any site forever without using browser extensions.

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