May 27, 2024

A Conversation with James Cross, CEO of E-Power Resources

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Andromeda News

Andromeda News

CEO.CA recently had the opportunity to sit down with James Cross, the CEO of E-Power Resources, to delve into the details of their graphite exploration program. E-Power Resources, active on the CEO platform at the EPR channel and @e-power account, has been making strides in the graphite sector. Here’s a recap of the AMA session held at

Proximity to Mason/Nouveau Monde Property

E-Power’s mineral property is strategically positioned, with part of it bordering the Mason/Nouveau Monde (NM) property. Remarkably, they are just about 3 km away from NM’s graphite deposit, showcasing the promising geological landscape.

Infrastructure and Exploration

Infrastructure is a crucial aspect of any exploration venture. Cross detailed that their property is approximately 3 1/2 hours’ drive from the Port of Baie-Comeau, accessible via modern and well-maintained Highway 389. While the final stretch involves Class 1 logging roads, the area benefits from hydroelectric power, contributing significantly to its appeal. This region is said to supply power to none other than New York City.

Drilling Plans and Timelines

Discussing future plans, Cross shared the intention to conduct the next drill program in March. To achieve a world-class graphite resource, they estimate the need for another 20,000 – 25,000 meters of drilling. The funding strategy involves aiming for higher share prices to limit dilution, emphasizing a prudent approach to financing.

Management and Board Expertise

E-Power Resources boasts a management and board with extensive experience. Jamie Lavigne, the VP of Exploration and co-founder, brings 35 years of exploration geology experience. Cross himself, with 13 years in exploration companies, highlighted their diverse and knowledgeable board, including investors from the auto industry.

Turgeon Property and Future Exploration

The Turgeon Property, while currently on hold for graphite exploration, holds significant potential for base metals and gold. E-Power is actively seeking a partner, intending to use any proceeds to further explore Tetepisca, their graphite flagship.

Agreement with Volt Carbon

Cross shed light on their agreement with Volt Carbon, expressing the plan to send material for processing shortly. The goal is not immediate cash flow but to produce samples for battery anode material manufacturers, offering a unique approach to showcasing their product.

Current Fundraising and Spending Plans

Addressing the ongoing fundraising, Cross clarified that the current funds are not intended for drilling. The focus is on securing a Frankfurt listing and potentially a US symbol for easier trading. The capital will largely be allocated to promoting the stock, aiming to raise future drilling funds with minimal dilution.

Future Drill Campaigns and Economic Outlook

E-Power envisions one more drill campaign in March, with the goal of obtaining a 43-101 resource. Depending on the results, additional campaigns may follow to build a more extensive resource. Regarding the economic outlook, Cross highlighted the strong demand for graphite, especially with the growing battery manufacturing capacity in North America and Europe.

Canadian Graphite’s Promising Future

Despite current low share prices, Cross expressed optimism about the future of Canadian graphite. The demand for graphite is expected to surge, driven by the increasing need for batteries. E-Power sees a promising opportunity to contribute to this demand, with the potential for multiple new graphite mines in the next decade.

In conclusion, E-Power Resources, under the leadership of James Cross, is navigating the graphite exploration landscape with a strategic vision, experienced team, and a focus on sustainable growth in the evolving battery materials industry.