May 27, 2024

FlexPrint CEO Frank Gaspari on Supporting Whole Planet Foundation and Making an Impact

4 min read

In a world where businesses often focus solely on their bottom line, there are those who aspire to do more, to make a positive impact on the global community. Frank Gaspari, the CEO of FlexPrint, is one such leader who believes in the power of corporate social responsibility and giving back. FlexPrint, a leader in the managed print and IT services industry, is the presenting sponsor of the Whole Planet Foundation’s “Party With A Purpose” event, which is set to take place on October 25, 2023. This annual benefit and auction celebrate the Foundation’s global impact on poverty and provide a platform for donors and volunteers to come together and create income-generating opportunities for microentrepreneurs striving to escape poverty.

In a candid conversation with Frank Gaspari, we explore the motivations behind FlexPrint’s involvement with the Whole Planet Foundation, its core values, and the powerful message of impact that this partnership sends to the business world.

Q: Why is FlexPrint supporting Whole Planet Foundation at the top sponsorship level?

A: Frank Gaspari shares that FlexPrint’s commitment to this partnership goes beyond corporate motives. “At FlexPrint, we’re not just focused on our business, but on the larger impact we can have in the world,” he states. The Whole Planet Foundation’s mission to provide microloans, especially to women entrepreneurs, resonates deeply with the values held by FlexPrint. Gaspari emphasizes, “Everyone deserves a chance to succeed, and with the Whole Planet Foundation, we’re helping to create those opportunities. By backing them, we’re investing in people’s ambitions and the promise of a brighter future.”

Q: What was the inspiration for your personal path to amplify the mission of non-profits?

A: Frank Gaspari’s journey as the CEO of Flex Technology Group was not solitary. He acknowledges that his success was influenced by individuals who offered valuable advice and support when he needed it the most. Gaspari’s personal history and the gestures of support he received in his early days inspired his commitment to the Whole Planet Foundation. “I understand the profound impact of having someone believe in your vision and potential,” he reflects. “By sponsoring Whole Planet Foundation at the top level, FlexPrint isn’t just donating; we’re repaying a debt of gratitude, providing others with the same chance and hope that was once given to me.”

Q: What are FlexPrint’s core values and how do they come to life?

A: FlexPrint’s core values serve as their compass, guiding every decision and action they take. These values include Integrity, Innovation, Customer Centricity, Collaboration, and Community Impact. Frank Gaspari explains, “Each day, these values come to life in the way we interact with our clients, approach challenges, and contribute to the community. They’re not just words on paper; they’re the essence of FlexPrint’s identity.”

Q: What’s the greatest business lesson you’ve learned from supporting non-profits like Whole Planet Foundation?

A: FlexPrint’s involvement with non-profits, such as the Whole Planet Foundation, has provided a profound business lesson: success is not just measured by profit margins or market share, but by the positive impact a company can make on the world. “True success,” Gaspari emphasizes, “lies in blending our corporate objectives with a broader vision of uplifting society.”

Q: To what do you attribute FlexPrint’s success to date and what are the brand’s goals for the next 3-5 years?

A: FlexPrint’s success is attributed to their commitment to core values, including innovation, customer centricity, and integrity. Looking forward, their goals for the next 3-5 years encompass expanding their market reach, deepening their commitment to social responsibility, and maintaining high standards of service. “At the heart of our future endeavors is a clear vision: to combine business growth with a positive, lasting impact on the communities we serve,” Gaspari declares.

Q: What about Whole Planet Foundation resonates with FlexPrint?

A: The mission of the Whole Planet Foundation aligns seamlessly with FlexPrint’s core ethos. Gaspari notes, “We recognize the transformative power of offering a helping hand, having been beneficiaries of guidance and support during our foundational years.” The foundation’s focus on granting microloans, particularly to women, mirrors FlexPrint’s belief in creating opportunities and fostering innovation. Their partnership is a shared vision for a brighter, more inclusive future.

Q: What advice do you have for entrepreneurs who want to make an impact?

A: Frank Gaspari’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to blend passion with purpose. He emphasizes the importance of defining what “impact” means to them and starting with what they have. “Stay true to your values,” Gaspari advises, “as they are the foundation upon which lasting impacts are built.”

In a world where business success often hinges on the bottom line, leaders like Frank Gaspari and companies like FlexPrint are demonstrating that true success extends beyond profit margins. FlexPrint’s commitment to social responsibility and their partnership with the Whole Planet Foundation exemplify the idea that businesses can drive positive change, foster innovation, and uplift society, all while achieving their own goals and objectives.