July 18, 2024

Cancer Metastasis in Animals has been Stopped by Experimental Therapy

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Andromeda News

Andromeda News

Japanese researchers have identified a beforehand undiscovered property of cancer cells that can be addressed against a tumor and prevent its spread throughout the body by metastases. Preclinical experiments have already affirmed that the new strategy works in animals.

Kobe University Research

A group of Japanese researchers from Kobe University found that the membranes of cancer cells and healthy cells differ in their density. In cancer cells, membranes are more flexible and softer, so scientists began to study the possibility of changing physical characteristics to fight the tumor.

The Leading Cause of Cancer Deaths

Finding ways to block metastases – the leading cause of cancer deaths – is most important in overcoming the disease. Now scientists have shown that by increasing the density of the membranes of malignant cells, it is possible to stop metastasis.

Mouse Model Experiments

In experiments on mouse patterns, this approach made it permissible to prevent the migration of breast tumor cells to neighboring tissues and organs.

Different Potentialities

These results open up new possibilities for universally combating various types of cancer. Scientists are now investigating diverse biochemical compounds that can target cancer cells and increase the density of their membranes.

Meanwhile, a US team has discovered a molecule that stops cancer metastasis, but differently – by blocking the delivery of nutrients.