The Decline of Movie Quality and the Rise of Political and Social Propaganda: Causes and Consequences

In recent years, many movie lovers have noticed a troubling trend: it seems that each year there are fewer good movies being released, and instead, political and social propaganda is increasingly appearing on the screens. This evolution raises concerns and questions: why is the quality of movies decreasing, and why are ideological motives playing an increasingly significant role in the film industry? In this article, we will examine the possible causes and consequences of this phenomenon.

Commercialization of the film industry:
One of the main reasons for the decline in the quality of movies can be attributed to the commercialization of the film industry. With the emergence of global film studios and intensified competition, studios face pressure to achieve high financial performance. Instead of risky and original ideas, studios prefer to finance established franchises and ideas that they consider commercially successful. This leads to standardization of plots, the use of familiar techniques, and a decrease in creativity.

Focus on a broad audience and societal degradation:
In their pursuit of maximum profits, studios often focus on a broad audience and prefer to create movies that can attract the largest viewership. This leads to a reduction in complexity and intellectual challenges in films, making them more accessible to all age groups and socio-cultural backgrounds. As a result, movies become less profound and devoid of intellectual stimulation.

Influence of political and social circumstances:
Another factor influencing the decline in the quality of movies and the infiltration of political and social propaganda is the changing political and social climate in the world. Times of geopolitical tensions, crises, and social movements can stimulate the creation of movies that reflect and discuss these phenomena. However, when political and social agitation becomes a priority over art and narrative quality, movies lose their aesthetic value and become a tool for manipulation.

Role of new media platforms:
With the emergence of streaming and online platforms, changes are occurring not only in the content of movies but also in their distribution. Large studios and independent creators increasingly turn to streaming services to reach a wide audience and bypass the traditional cinema distribution system. This leads to an increase in production volume and allows more diverse ideas and perspectives to reach the screens. However, along with this, there is also an increased risk of movies based on propaganda or superficial plots created to grab attention and viewership.

Modern audience demands:
Lastly, it should be noted that the modern audience has its own needs and preferences that influence movie production. With the development of social media and mass communication, the audience’s opinion of movies becomes increasingly important to studios. Movies that receive positive reviews and support online gain more attention and funding. This can contribute to the creation of movies aimed at satisfying the audience’s demands, including political and social propaganda.

The decline in the quality of movies and the infiltration of political and social propaganda are complex and multifaceted phenomena that are associated with the commercialization of the industry, a focus on a broad audience, the influence of political and social circumstances, the role of new media platforms, and the demands of the modern audience. It is important to understand that not all movies suffer from this issue, and there are still many high-quality and creative works in the film industry. However, in light of the mentioned factors, it becomes increasingly important to encourage diversity and originality in the film industry and continue to support movies that explore complex themes and evoke intellectual excitement in viewers.

One of the main dangers associated with the decline in the quality of movies and the infiltration of political and social propaganda is the potential degradation of society and intellectual development of individuals. Cinema is not only entertainment but also a means of education, inspiration, and stimulating thinking. However, when movies become mere tools of manipulation and ideological indoctrination, they lose their potential value.